The Peninsula Democratic Coalition (PDC) is the oldest and largest Democratic Club in Silicon Valley. The PDC has a long history of promoting Democratic candidates and ideals and is chartered by both the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Democratic Central Committees. The PDC is affiliated with the California Democratic Council, a statewide coalition of grass roots clubs.

The PDC has members throughout Silicon Valley including the towns of Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Jose, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Portola Valley, Atherton, Woodside, San Mateo, Belmont and San Carlos.



Join us at these upcoming PDC events:


PDC Annual Picnic 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 04:00 PM
Shoup Park in Los Altos, CA

Please join the Peninsula Democratic Coalition for an afternoon of fellowship, food, fun and democracy! This is a potluck so bring an item to share. There will be barbecued items available (including hot dogs) along with vegetarian options, including salad. Wine, beer and soft drinks will be available. 

The PDC requests a $10 contribution at the door to cover expenses, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. You are encouraged to prepay online at Remember to bring your checkbook to facilitate purchasing additional door prize entries!


December 16 Calendar of Local Events

Friday, December 16, 2016 at 06:00 PM

PDC/PYD Weekly Calendar – MAY 23, 2016


If you attended your May 1 Caucuses to elect convention delegates in CD-14 (Speier), CD-17 (Honda), CD-19 (Lofgren), please send me a list of those elected and which CD for publication in next week’s calendar.  Thank you,

To vote for President in the June 7 Primary Election: Registered Democrats and No Party Preference (Declined to State/Independent) registered voters may vote for Democratic Candidates for President. Request a Democratic ballot. Only registered Republicans may request a Republican ballot to vote for Republican candidates for President in the June 7 Primary.

REMEMBER to vote for the many important down ballot racesfor US Senate, Congress, State Senate, Assembly, Supervisor, Superior Court Judges (San Mateo County), San Jose City Council, Democratic County Central Committee. 

Measure 50, a Legislative Constitutional Amendment, authorizes Legislature to suspend Members, including without salary or benefits;  Measure AA: District: San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority: San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program.

Santa Clara County Measure A: To continue protecting and preserving local parks, improving access to natural areas…Santa Clara County: City Measures: Measure B: City of San Jose: To fund essential city services such as improving police response time…Measure C: City of San Jose: Amending Municipal Code to include Medical Marijuana; Santa Clara County School Measures: Gilroy Unified School District Measure E: Bonds to repair, renovate school facilities; Moreland School District Measure G: Parcel Tax to preserve quality education; Franklin-McKinley School District Measure H:  Bonds to upgrade/renovate classrooms/school facilities; Alum Rock Union School District Measure I:  Bonds to improve/repair/renovate school facilities; Ladeside Joint School District Measure J: Parcel Tax to preserve quality education.

San Mateo County: San Mateo County, City Measures:Measure F: City of Half Moon Bay: Adoption of Taxpayer Protection Act; Measure G: San Mateo County Service Area One: Special Tax for Extended Police and Structural Fire Protection Services. San Mateo County School Measures: Measure D: Pacifica School District Parcel Tax Measure; Measure E: Jefferson Union High School District Parcel Tax; Measure H: Ravenswood City School District Bond Measure. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.   BE SURE TO VOTE

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 12:20-2 p.m. Poolside Party for Vicki Veenker, Candidate AD-24.

Where: Susyn Almond’s place, Briarwood Apartments, 180 Pasito Terrace, Sunnyvale. RSVP Co-Hosts: Susyn Almond and Paula Rugg.

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.. BALLOT MEASURE DISCUSSION. FREE. Where: Foothills Congregational Church, Fellowship Hall, 461 Orange Ave., Los Altos. Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Los Altos-Mountain View Area. Pete Stahl will present the three measurers on the June 7 ballot: Prop 50, Measure AA and Measure A. Learn about these measures and join the discussion, as well as what you need to know about voting in our open primary.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 6-8 p.m. Los Altos City Council Weekly Open Office Hours with one Council Member. Where: Hillview Community Center,97 Hillview Avenue, Los Altos.  CLICK HERE for details. Ask your questions, express your views about local issues.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 7 p.m. Doors open; 7:30-9 p.m. Program: Humanitarian Crisis in Greece: A Personal Perspective.” Where: Los Altos Youth Center, 1 North San Antonio Road, Los Altos. Former CA Assemblywoman Sally Lieber shares her experiences as a volunteer in the refugee camps in Greece and Turkey where over 50,000 refugees are housed in makeshift camps with little or not information on their appeal to achieve asylum status. Sponsored by the World Affairs Council Peninsula Chapter, and OPEN to ALL.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 5:39-8 p.m. Emerge California 2015 Annual San Francisco Reception: Sharing the Legacy & Passing the Torch.  Special Guest & Honoring Willie L. Brown, Jr.   Where: City Club of San Francisco, 155 Sansome Street, San Francisco, 94104. Purchase tickets or sign up to become a sponsor, CLICK HERE.  

FRIDAY, JUNE 3. MAIL in your Vote-by-Mail ballot. It must REACH your county Registrar of Voters by close of polls on Election Day, June 7.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 11 a.m. Join Gavin Newsom, Candidate for Governor, and other celebrities for a game of baseball. Where: AT&T Park, San Francisco.  CLICK HERE

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 6-8 p.m. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren 2016 Campaign Kick-off. Where: Westin San Jose. Tickets starting at $50 for Young Professionals and Students. For more information or to RSVP, contact Jeff Larivee, 408-410-2665 or

TUESDAY, JUNE 7. CALIFORNIA OPEN PRIMARY ELECTION. BE SURE TO VOTE!!! If you forget to mail your vote-by-mail ballot in time, deliver it to your polling place or other designated drop off location.  If you have LOST your vote-by-mail ballot, take photo ID and request a provisional ballot at your polling place. VOTE. DO NOT BECOME DISENFRANCHISED. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 6-8 P.M. Campaign Kick-off Party for Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, CD-19. Where: Westin San Jose, 302 S. Market Street, San Jose. Contributions: Friend: $50, Supporter: $100, Patron: 4250, Sponsor: $500, Host: $1000, Young Professionals and Seniors: $35.  To contribute online, CLICK HERE. Questions or to RSVP, please contact Jeff Larivee at 408.410.2665 or

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. In Conversation with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, CD-18. Where: Ristorante Don Giovanni, 235 Castro St., Mountain View. Sponsored by the Peninsula Democratic Coalition. OPEN to the PUBLIC, with pre-paid luncheon reservations by Wednesday, June 7. To RSVPCLICK HERE.

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 3-7:30 p.m. Palo Alto World Music Day (Father’s Day). Where: University Ave., Palo Alto, closed to traffic. Enjoy the FREE music festival taking place around the world every year near the Summer Solstice. Palo Alto is celebrating its 8th year with 50 professional and amateur musical groups performing a wide variety of musical genres from jazz to folkloric dances. For more information: CLICK HERE

SUNDAY, JUNE 26, noon-3 p.m. BBQ Meet & Greet with Santa Clara County D.A. JEFF ROSEN  Where: History Park, 1650 Senter Road, San Jose. Silver: $250, Gold: $500, Platinum: 1,000. RSVP/Donate online, Click Here or mail your check payable to Jeff Rosen for DA 2018 to Jeff Rosen, 6950 Almaden Expressway, PMB 172, San Jose, CA  95120

SAVE THE DATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, PDC PICNIC. Shoup Park, Los Altos, 4-7 p.m. 

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Katie Zoglin, President, Los Alto-Mountain View League of Women Voters. The following appeared as a guest column in the May 20 Mountain View Voice

June ballot includes important state and local races — so vote. The primary race in the rest of the country has been anything but boring. While California voters may not determine who will be the nominees for president, there are a number of important state and local races and initiatives on our June 7 ballot. What do voters need to do to prepare for the elections this year? First make sure you, your friends, and your family members are registered to vote. There is still time. You have until this Monday, May 23, to sign up. Information about how to register can be found at the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters website:  By now, registered voters should have their "Official Voter Information Guide" from the California secretary of state, and vote-by-mail ballots from the registrar of voters are on the way, for those who have requested them.  The next challenge is finding good information about the ballot measures and candidates for all the offices. Voter's Edge is a good one-stop-shop source of information at It is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and Maplight. Log onto the website, enter your zip code and address to find consolidated information about all the races and candidates that will be on your ballot.

Voting is the cornerstone of American democracy and far too many voters have become apathetic and disenfranchised in recent years. If the majority of eligible voters fail to vote, then the minority of voters who do vote will determine the outcome of important elections.

It is easier than ever to cast your vote. You can vote on Election Day, by mail, or by early voting. Early voting takes place at designated centers throughout the county and began on May 9. The most convenient early voting center for Mountain View residents is the Los Altos Public Library, where you can vote during the weekends of May 28-29 and June 4-5, from noon to 5 p.m.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. Check our Los Altos-Mountain View Area League website for information about membership and upcoming events at

California Voter Foundation. Ten Things to Know about California’s Primary Election.  On Tuesday, June 7, California will hold a statewide primary election and voters will help choose which candidates will be selected as the political parties' nominees for U.S. President. Many other federal, state and local contests are on the ballot as well.

Here are ten tips for voting in California's Primary:

1. You must be registered to vote at your current address by Monday, May 23.

2. You can check your registration address and declared party preference by contacting your County Registrar of Voters. You can contact them by phone or email; some offer voter registration status lookup tools from their official election web sites. You may also receive an official county publication or notice in the mail showing your current party preference.

3. Unlike your voting options in all other California political contests, your voting right in the Presidential primary depends on the political party you are registered with. Though California has an "open primary," the political parties decide whether to open their primaries to independent voters. (In the November general election, you can vote for any party's Presidential candidate regardless of your party preference.)

4. If you are registered with a political party, you can only vote for a candidate running for President in that party.

5. If you want to vote for a Republican Presidential candidate, you must be registered with the Republican Party.

6. If you want to vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate, you must be registered with the Democratic Party or be registered as "No Party Preference", which is the term used in California to register as an independent (also called "decline to state"). Independents make up nearly one-fourth of California's registered voters.

7. "American Independent" is not the same as independent. It is an actual party and if you are one of the nearly half million Californians registered with this party, your Presidential primary choices will be limited to this party's candidates.

8. If you want to register, update your address or change your party preference you must complete a voter registration application and submit it by May 23. You can register online at or request a paper application by calling 1-800-345-VOTE, or call or visit your county registrar of voters. But don't wait until the last minute. The sooner you apply to register or change your registration, the more likely you will receive official state and local ballot information in advance of Election Day.

9. If you ask at the polls to vote for a presidential candidate for whom you are not eligible to vote, you will be invited to cast a provisional ballot. Your choice for president will not be counted but the rest of your choices in other contests will be. If you write in the name of a candidate who appears on another party's ballot, your vote in that contest will not be counted but your other votes will be.

10. There are 34 U.S. Senate candidates on the ballot. Look at your ballot carefully. Because there are so many, the candidates may be listed in two or more columns or on two pages. Be sure to cast only one vote for U.S. Senate or your vote will not count.

•  Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. Prevent Gun Violence. I thought Sandy Hook was the breaking point. I remember the knot in my stomach as I watched the news. I couldn’t stop thinking about my own children. I was consumed by anger and sadness. We all were. And I was sure that our society couldn’t ignore this problem anymore, not after 20 children were brutally murdered.

But it pains me that the cries of heartbroken families fell on deaf ears as the NRA and their powerful lobbyists repeatedly blocked laws – supported by more than 90% of Americans – that would save countless lives. So here we are, over three years later, and the headlines are infuriatingly familiar: More mass shootings. More young lives cut short by preventable violence.

It makes me sick, Friends. But we can do something about it. Here in California, we have the opportunity to prevent gun violence through a historic ballot initiative, Safety for All. In November, Californians will vote on this legislation that would require things like background checks on ammunition purchases and reporting on lost or stolen guns. And by going straight to voters, we can defeat the NRA on new ground and restore the power of citizens in enacting commonsense gun laws to stop senseless tragedies.  In the wake of dozens more mass shootings since Sandy Hook, people have said thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. They’re right, but make no mistake: This won’t be easy. We can only win if we channel our collective anger into action.  Here’s what our initiative would accomplish:

   Prohibits Possession of Large-Capacity Military-Style Magazines: The Safety for All initiative outlaws possession of large-capacity magazines of 11 rounds or more and provides for their legal disposal.

   Treats Ammunition Sales Like Gun Sales: The initiative requires licensing of ammunition vendors and point-of-sale background checks for ammunition purchases. Under the initiative, if a person is convicted of a felony, a violent misdemeanor, has a restraining order or has been declared dangerously mentally ill, they will no longer be able to buy ammunition in California. California would be the first state to require background checks at point of sale.

   Ensures People Prohibited from Owning Guns Do Not Possess Them: The initiative defines a clear firearms relinquishment process for those convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor.

   Requires Reporting Lost or Stolen Guns: The initiative requires firearm owners to notify law enforcement if their firearm has been lost or stolen.

   Shares Data with Federal System on Prohibited People: The initiative mandates that the California Department share data with the FBI/NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System).

With your help, we can make this policy a reality. We can keep our communities safe. We can save lives. Will you take action and say you won’t stand for more senseless violence, more innocent lives lost? Click here to support our movement and demand an end to gun violence.  Thank you for your willingness to fight and stand up for what’s right. Together, we will win.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


•  Hillary for America. Housing Needed for a Hillary for America Organizer. Got a spare room that an organizer could sleep on for a few days? Sign up today and Hillary for California will be in touch. CLICK HERE.

•  Vicki Veenker for Assembly, AD-24. Walkers Wanted. CLICK HERE.

•  Marc Berman for Assembly, AD-24. Phoners Wanted. CLICK HERE.

•  Nancy Neff, Clean Money Campaign. ((650) 858-2436 ) Petition Gatherers Wanted.

•  Sarah Hodgdon, National Program Director, Sierra Club. What's the best way to stop climate change? Keep the coal in the ground.An astonishing 40 percent of all coal produced in the United States comes from public, taxpayer-owned land. The government recently put a hold on new federal coal leases in order to study the impact that coal mined on public lands has on our climate -- the first time in history the climate impacts will be studied. This means we have an unprecedented opportunity to speed our country towards clean energy and away from dirty fuels.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking public comments on its study of how our public lands are used for coal mining. Tell them it's time that we keep the coal in the ground and use our public lands to reflect what's best for our climate and communities. For decades, the federal government has been leasing taxpayer-owned public lands to fossil fuel companies at bargain-basement rates. Taxpayer-owned land should be used to benefit the public, but the coal it generates puts billions of tons of carbon into our atmosphere, slows the growth of clean energy, and impacts the health of communities near mines and power plants and every place in between. It's clear the federal coal leasing program is out of date and out of step with our nation's commitment to stop climate disruption. It's time to move beyond dirty fuels while protecting the livelihoods of coal workers and communities as we transition to clean energy. These are your public lands and the BLM wants to hear from you as they consider the future of the federal coal lease program. This is a historic opportunity to defend our public lands and our climate -- make sure your voice is heard.

The review of the federal coal lease program is happening because activists like you submitted comments, attended hearings, and marched to keep dirty fuels in the ground. We've proven that when we stand together against Big Coal, we win. Coal companies won't let federal coal leases be changed without a fight because they know their profits are on the line -- so we need every voice to speak up for a clean energy future. Together we can send a clear message that it's time for the use of our public lands to reflect what's best for our climate and communities. Submit your comment now. Thanks for standing up to Big Coal,