2013 a Year of Growth for the PDC

Last month, in my first president’s letter, I mentioned that this year I want the PDC to prepare for the 2014 election by continuing the PDC’s work while expanding our membership and encouraging new participation.

How can we do that?

Continuing our work means doing the things that the PDC has done for a long time with good success: providing opportunities for our members to spend time with like-minded people, to meet and interact with local elected officials, and work to pass Democratic legislation and elect Democratic candidates. We do this with semi-monthly luncheon speakers, producing our terrific monthly newsletter, our summer and winter social/fundraiser events, organizing voter registration and staffing campaign headquarters.

How do we expand our membership and encourage your participation in the club? The Board leadership has been working on this evolution for several years. Some of the things we have done and are doing include:

  • Recruiting great, new leadership to the Board, with new energy and new ideas

  • Holding a half-day Board retreat in early May to bring new board members up to speed and strategize about strengthening the things that work and trying new things

  • Updating our website and using it and other online methods to communicate with you, our membership – this month for the first time you can pre-register for our April 20th lunch on the web site, www.peninsulademocrats.com

  • Asking our membership to get involved with the club, both by attending events, but also getting involved with PDC efforts

    We are looking for new and different program ideas. Our February annual meeting speaker introduced an exciting new elected, Congressman Eric Swalwell, relatively unknown to the Peninsula. Our April 20th luncheon speaker is Sabahat Rafiq, an exciting young expert on religion and geopolitics, particularly in Central and South Asia. One of President Obama’s top five priorities from his State of the Union address was to end the war in Afghanistan. Sabahat will give us a picture of the new power dynamics in that part of the world. See the article in the newsletter and the Calendar of Events for details.

And we need your help. In addition to supporting by contributing to the club financially and by attending events, every month I’ll ask you the same two things:

  • What are your favorite things about the PDC, and what ideas for speakers and programs do you have? Have you read or heard someone locally that you’d like us to consider?
  • Do you have a friend (or two) who likes to talk about current or historical politics who you could bring to an event and introduce to the PDC? That’s how I got here: a neighbor introduced me to the PDC and kept inviting me to events until I started attending. Just like electoral politics, much of this is person to person.

Thanks to those of you who responded to our call for volunteers at the annual meeting and my call for input in last month’s letter. We want your help – bring a friend to the April 20th lunch and keep those cards and letters coming!

This is our club and it makes a difference to the future of our country how much and how well we do. Here’s to a great 2013! 

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