About the PDC

The Peninsula Democratic Coalition works to promote the Democratic Party and get local Democrats elected. Our members come from throughout the communities in Silicon Valley. We offer monthly events such as luncheons, speakers, and debates. We sponsor voter registration drives at peninsula events throughout the year. We also have a few big annual events each year such as our February Annual Meeting, Summer Picnic and December Holiday Party.

The PDC Board of Directors is elected annually at The PDC Annual Meeting. The Board meets at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month in Room 8 at the Palo Alto Unitarian Church. All PDC members are welcome to attend the Board Meetings. The PDC Board Members are listed below.

2019 Officers:

  • Leora Tanjuatco Ross - President
  • Lorri Holzberg: Vice-President of Programming
  • Cory Wolbach - Vice President of Legislative Affairs
  • Chelsea Bonini - Secretary
  • Herb Engstrom - Treasurer

2019 Board Members:

  • Chelsea Bonini
  • Herb Engstrom
  • Sarah Fields (PYD President)
  • Stephanie Grossman
  • Lorri Holzberg
  • Kristen Lohnes Johnson
  • Karl Kramer
  • Carol Kuiper
  • Laura Martinez
  • Alexander Melendrez (PYD Representative)
  • Chris Roat
  • Diane Rolfe
  • Joe Rolfe
  • Leora Tanjuatco Ross
  • Zack Ross
  • Pam Salvatierra
  • Ollivette Smith
  • Kavita Tankha
  • Emily Thurber

Contact Information: 

PDC Bylaws: