Peninsula Democratic Coalition

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PDC Annual Membership Meeting

Join us for the PDC Board Elections; an update from Anna Eshoo and a discussion on Rank Choice Voting.

Free to members so don’t forget to renew your membership if you haven’t already at

Saturday, February 25, 2023 12:00 noon ~ 2:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held in person at The Garden House in Shoup Park, 400 University Avenue, Los Altos

Members free and lunch provided.

Register here:

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo will offer a update on the state of affairs in Washington, DC.

Let’s learn about “Rank Choice Voting” from the experts!

Tom Charron co-founded and serves on the leadership team of the California RCV Coalition, a non-profit advocacy organization working to expand the use of Ranked Choice Voting to all Californians to ensure we have a greater voice in our democracy. He brings 20+ years of experience from the private sector, helping lead both startups and established tech companies prior to pivoting to his passion of democracy reform.

Allie Hughes is a Government Affairs Associate for Canyon Snow Consulting, LLC with

almost six years of experience working to connect community stakeholders, government, businesses and nonprofits. In her personal time, Allie serves as a community-elected Member on the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee, President of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats, Board Member for BAYMEC and dog mom to two rambunctious, adopted pitt

Voting for 2023 Board

PDC Officer and Board Nominations for 2023

The PDC Nominating Committee (Karl Kramer, Chair, Ron Friedenthal, Lorri Holzberg, and Diane Rolfe) nominated the following for the executive board:

Lorri Holzberg, President

Ron Friedenthal, Vice President

Claire Noonan, Secretary.

Alex Kobayashi,Treasurer

The following six people have been nominated to fill

vacant board positions:

Linda Brummer

Nicole Chiu-Wang

Claude Ezran

Victoria Maxson

Ajwang Rading – appointed to board in November 2022 to help with communications

Cari Templeton

Please thank the following individuals (listed alphabetically) for being willing to serve all of us again this year on the PDC Board:

Stacey Ashlund

Erin Chazer (PYD President) 

Herb Engstrom

Sarah Fields

Meghan Fraley

Kristen Lohnes Johnson (Newsletter Editor)

Karl Kramer

Diane Rolfe

Pam Salvatierra ( DVC rep) 

Vaishali “Shali” Sirkay 

Ollivette Smith

Kavita Tankha


PDC Holiday Party with the Democratic 21st Century Club.  Friday, Dec. 9th at noon at Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline in which we  "Honored our Electeds." A joyous event with many electeds in person and speaking. Surprise visit from Congress Member Zoe Lofgren

"Preserving our Democracy" led by Stanford Professor Larry Diamond and moderated by the Honorable Joe Simitian on Sept. 17th on Zoom.  A recording of this event can be accessed here -

Thank you to all who attended the PDC Picnic on August 14th and to those of you who made              donations. This picnic was special because we honored our long-time member Emy Thurber who will be moving to Seattle.

Thank You to Our Sponsors! 

Titanium - $5,000

Shari & Don Ornstein

Platinum - $1,000

Josh Becker

Marc Berman

Rebecca Eisenberg
Anna Eshoo
Gary Kremen

Martha (Deedee) Schurman
Joe Simitian & Mary Hughes

Gold - $500

Robin Abrams

Mary Gill

Lorri Holzberg
Julie Lythcott-Haims

Zoe Lofgren

Gail Pellerin

Bruce Swenson

Vicki Veenker
Gilbert Wong

Silver - $250

Anon. in honor of Emy Thurber

Margaret Abe-Koga

Pat Burt

Andrew Byrnes
Alison Cormack
Neysa Fligor

Lisa Gauthier

Vladimir Ivanovic

Bill James
Alex Kobayashi
Carol Kuiper ($375)
Claire Noonan & Peter Landsberger

Evan Low

Karen Maki

Robert Pierce

Diane & Joe Rolfe

Patricia Showalter

Charles Stone

Emy Thurber

Jackie Wheeler

Bronze - $100

Evan Adams ($150)

Patrick Ahrens
Larry & Donna Aronson

Diego Barragan
Chelsea Bonini

Sherry Brown

Nicole Chiu-Wang

John Comiskey

Devon Conley ($150)
Thida Cornes

Pete Dailey

Ron David

Heidi Emberling

Herb Engstrom ($200)

Carole Feldstein ($225)

Sarah Fields
Ron & Barbara Friedenthal

Teresa Godfrey

Rich Gordon
Linda Greenberg ($200)
Dexter Hake

Auros Harman ($200)

Sam Hindi ($150)

Kristen Johnson
Ellen Kamei

Dorene Kastelman

Arthur Keller

Carol Lamont

Sally Meadows

Kacy McClure

Sally Meadows

Sheia Mohan

Jodi Muirhead ($150)

Betsy Nash
Lisa Nash

Laura Parmer-Lohan($150)

Jan Pepper
Judy Plaska

Donna Poulos ($200)

Robert Pierce

Mary Prochnow

Pam Salvatierra($150)

Mark Shaw

Wendy Sinton

Vaishali Sirkay ($150)

Alice Smith

Sarah Smith

Wm. David Smullin ($150)

Jessica Speiser

Myra Strober

Buu Thai

Jean Wolman
Jennifer Wolosin


The Peninsula Democratic Coalition (PDC) is the oldest and largest Democratic Club in Silicon Valley. The PDC has a long history of promoting Democratic candidates and ideals and is chartered by both the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Democratic Central Committees. The PDC is affiliated with the California Democratic Council, a statewide coalition of grass roots clubs.

The PDC has members throughout Silicon Valley including the towns of Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, San Jose, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Portola Valley, Atherton, Woodside, San Mateo, Belmont and San Carlos.

PDC Event

The PDC stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter!

What has your club done that you're We reject racism and all forms of oppression, and recognize that centuries of inhumane policies and decisions have shaped a society that actively marginalizes African Americans and other people of color. We encourage our membership to spend time listening and learning - reflecting on how the history of the US and the history of racism are intertwined.

We must each understand our own bias and our positions in institutional power structures; and then use our own power to bring about changes. To affect change requires each of us to play a role in developing equity with intention. Our role is to intensify the voices speaking out against racism and oppression today. We must also hold our leaders accountable for establishing policies that reflect our values to affect positive and impactful change.

Direct actions by all of us are necessary to bring about the end of systemic racism. Our Work Is Not Done until the Black community tells us it is.

To ignore injustice is to be complicit in injustice. #georgefloyd #icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter #ally #together of? Share a few highlights below. You can embed a video, document, or presentation to summarize the work.

January 2021 Event Recording


2022 Annual Meeting Event Recording