About PYD

Whether you are looking for friends, mentors, professional connections, people to help with an ambitious civics project, or places to volunteer, PYD (Peninsula Young Democrats) is the group for you. We host and sponsor fun events, intellectual discussions, and opportunities for political activism. Our members (and ex-members) consist of local and state elected officials, various commission and board members, Democratic Club and Party leadership, staffers, students, and young professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds.

We have been extraordinarily effective in helping to shape party priorities, campaigning for candidates, registering local voters, and educating the public about important issues. To reach our goals (including helping you with YOUR goals), PYD is looking to grow our membership and develop future leaders. We want you to help shape this club.

Connect with us today and join us at our upcoming events. Many of our events are open to people of all ages, regardless of political party. However, we can only offer official membership to registered Democrats under the age of 36, living or working South of San Francisco and north of San Jose in the San Francisco Peninsula. You must also pay dues to the Peninsula Democratic Coalition. We can also help you connect with our various sister clubs in San Jose, San Francisco, Marin County, and the East Bay.

2021 PYD Officers:
President: Erin Chazer
Vice President of Membership: Elmer Martinez
Political Director: Jordan Grimes
Communications Director: Uma Krishnan
Treasurer: Ethan Mizzi
Secretary: Julia Masur

Upcoming PYD Events:
For information on the next meeting's date and location, as well as other club news and events, we have a variety of social media below. You can also contact our email or our officers. You can also like our Facebook Page for regular updates. We regularly create Facebook events (you can view here). For event updates, opportunities, notifications, and email exclusives please email: to be on our mailing list.

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PYD Endorsements:

Policy Endorsements

Check our adopted Policy Platform.

Bill Endorsements

Federal Legislation:

  • HCBS Access Act - This bill would modify the Home and Community Based Services program by requiring Medicaid to provide in-home services to all who are eligible, while establishing a minimum set of services that states must offer. It is still in early stages.

  • PRO Act - This bill would amend the National Labor Relations Act and greatly strengthening the rights of employees to collectively bargain, prevent employer interference in union elections, ban mandatory arbitration agreements, and modify legal testing requirements for employment classification.

State Legislation:

  • AB 387 - Authorizes the creation of a state-owned agency to build mixed-income social housing for both rental and purchase at scale

  • AB 1188 - Directs cities to create rental registries in order to capture important data about rent increases, evictions, and more

  • AB 946 - Eliminates the mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes, and directs the resulting revenue to help first-time homebuyers instead

  • AB 71 - Incrementally raises taxes on corporations making more than $5,000,000 per year in profit to establish a permanent source of funding, estimated at $2.4B per year to end homelessness

  • SB 9 - Allows duplexes to be built by-right in all areas zoned for single-family homes

  • SB 10 - Allows local governments to bypass onerous regulations and rezone areas for up to 10 homes

  • AB 117 - Helps incentivize the purchase of eBikes by providing buyers with a rebate

  • AB 122 - Also known as the Idaho Stop, this bill would allow bicyclists to yield at stop signs, rather than making a full stop

  • AB 1401 - Abolishes minimum parking space requirements on new housing developments within a certain radius of public transit

  • AB 1400 - Creates a single-payer healthcare system!

  • AB 339 - Expands access to Directs local governments to allow public comment by phone or Zoom even after the pandemic ends

  • AB 48 - Bans the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters

  • AB 74 - Allows those receiving unemployment benefits to have their payments made through direct deposit, rather than via debit card

  • AB 314 - Allows state legislative staff members to unionize

  • SB 519 - Decriminalizes psychedelic drugs!

  • AB854 - Amends the Ellis Act to help prevent speculators from buying up rental properties and evicting the tenants who live there

  • SB90 - Known as the DISCLOSE Act, this bill increases transparency in elections by adding to the title and summary of state ballot measures 15 words each listing the supporters and opponents of the measure.

  • SB245 - Removes cost sharing requirements from abortion procedures, so no one is denied access due to the cost of care

  • SB523 - Modifies California's contraceptive laws, making them gender-neutral, while expanding access by requiring coverage of OTC birth control coverage

  • SB583 - Modernizes California’s voter registration system by establishing automatic registration

  • AB46 - Establishes a statewide advisory Youth Empowerment Commission to solicit input from disadvantaged youth

  • AB1322 - Allows cities with voter-approved ordinances that negatively impact housing production to override those ordinances if they are found to prevent the enactment of a compliant housing element

  • AB1091 - A measure designed to reform the Valley Transit Authority board, this bill would reduce the board's size 9 members (originally 18), and would replace the elected officials on the board with qualified members of the public